I thought these two very different and interesting experiences would be nice to share.

While hiking this past weekend with my girls, I received the funniest email I think I have ever received. And the exchange that follows is even funnier. Now, take it lightly and for what it is – a fairly light-hearted exchange between me, a 37 year old free thinker and homemaker to a family of seven and a 60-something year old free thinker and entrepreneur who has experienced far more life than I may even know to wish for.

FRIEND: Patty, I have looked on the internet to find advice for what to wear tomorrow when the world starts to end. No luck. What do you suggest…casusal, business, what? Don’t know if you go the last word, but things get hopping at 6PDT, 9P EST. But don’t look for any action here as the events begin in New Zealand work their way around the globe in 24 hours. About 240,000,000 people will be moved directly to heaven. If you and Mike and the kids go, could I have the Suburban?

ME: Hi. I took the girls – all three of them! – to the mountains this weekend with two other moms who each have a daughter. NO boys! Nor men! We camped, hiked, and canoed. It was fantastic! I can’t imagine anything closer to rapture, so I cannot say I am disappointed. 😉 I couldn’t email out. I am sorry. But apparently I am here still so I must keep the suburban. All the kids remain here as well and I must have a way to get them from Point A to Point B. Are you still here? Write back if you are. If not, well, uh, um, well, just ignore the email.

FRIEND:  I made it.

ME: So, what does this mean?

FRIEND: I wasn’t pulled up in the initial 2,300,000 who were supposed to be sucked directly to heaven, though I did feel a bit light in my loafers early Sunday morning.
ME: How about the ducks? Are they still here? Or do they have until October like the rest of us?

FRIEND: Two white ones are gone, out of 4, a fifty per cent attrition rate. One black duck out of 24 is missing, a four point one six attrition rate. All were exposed to the same environmental conditions. So much for white superiority.

That is all SO funny to me. My friend is so stinkin’ clever that he made fun of a quack and quackers and white crackers (I know, not cool, but hey – give me a break) all in one exchange. So funny. And clean!

And then the other experience is well, less happy. I have a very dear friend whose life sucks right now. It just does. I know, language. Whatever. Her life sucks. Almost every facet of it sucks. And she was having a really crappy day on Monday. Much of my morning was spent chasing down people and information that might could be helpful.

I did not ask much of anything from the children (thus yesterday’s fresh sugared sour cherried keyboard). They were pretty shot from camping with girls or Scouts or Daddy anyways. So when a child would ask me “What are you doing?” or ” Why was your door shut?” I would honestly answer, “I am hoping I can help a friend.” And that is a lesson in and of itself. I worked for my friend, did some light housework, ran on the treadmill, and enjoyed my kids at the ballgames that evening. And it was a full day.

And so even when people watching means breaking a screen-free rule or scouring hardened sugar from the counter at 9p, it is worth it to me. Because my friends, few that they are, are pretty loyal. And I care a lot about them.  In laughter and in fear.