So, there’s this guy who used a bunch of numerology to claim that Christ was returning this past Saturday. Yet I am still here. Well, that would mean that either I am not born again through the shed blood of Jesus Christ my Savior, the Son of God and man, or it means there is no God, or it means that the dude was wrong. I think the dude was wrong.
But he isn’t wrong to want to know. That curiosity is God-given. It’s how we learn about ourselves, others, and God’s world. And it’s why we learn at home.

(This is where I’d like to insert the sentence “Learning is organic. But I have to think on the use and overuse of the word “organic” before I pop that bun out of the oven and onto the small screen.)

There are many reasons why we learn at home, actually. For me, the ultimate answer to the question, “Why do you homeschool?” is: Because God gave us these children to nurture for Him. He did not give them to the gubmint or they would’ve been hatched in a laboratory. And our lives play that out quite nicely. So, I am consistent.

Yes, there are more tactful ways of saying the same thing, but I am not necessarily known for my tact, now, am I?

And so here I sit sifting through RSS feeds at a keyboard that is ridiculously sticky from little hands that were apparently eating fresh sugared sour cherries and attempting to sabotage my defragmenting efforts when I read about Home Education being more popular than gubmint indoctrination here at Unplugged Mom. This is a great piece. Very concise and poignant and not likely to piss off conventional educators. Except those so loyal to the collective cause that, well, I’ll stop. So, read it, share it, blog about it. It’s a good one.

And, then, maybe if the world doesn’t end in October as the fellow has adjusted the date of rapture, we’ll have a few more folks learning at home. Or at least a few more who find slightly less of a freakshow. I’ll take all I can get.