I have issues with feminism. I believe in the power of women. I do not believe women are all-powerful. But by no means are we weak. We are strong with specific innate skills given to us by God. Skills that men do not possess. We do share common skills. But far more importantly, man’s skills and woman’s skills work together flawlessly. And as a wife first, I am accustomed to working WITH my Husband rather than independent of him. Which made this weekend even more interesting.

Our campsite on the South Fork of the New River

This weekend, me, my three daughters ages 10, 8, and 4 traveled to the mountains where we camped, hiked, and canoed with two others moms who each have a daughter ages 10 and 11. WOW. What an experience. That was girl power.

It wasn’t about setting up camp faster or better. Or hiking in rough terrain or through brambles. Or canoeing with perfect technique. It was about just doing it. And doing it our way.

The fabulous trees that were a hub of activity

Sure, I got my panties in a wad a time or two. Well, really just once. But that’s OK. I simply failed to communicate well and  I got over myself and moved on.  Even at that moment, there was not any exhange of  “You should’ve done this” or “It’d been better if you’d looked at it this way.” We just managed it our way. And that’s what mattered.

My way is certainly not the only way. Yes, dear, that is now in writing on the world wide web. But it was pleasant to just to do things my way for a couple of days. Because when I was out there with the girls, my only job was to keep them alive and well. And Husband was not there to work with me like we do each day. It was my job and mine alone. And I did it. That is girl power.

And wanna know the greatest teaching moment on the trip? We’d been waiting for a bit for Scott at the canoe company’s store to drive up to our portage for our two hour trip down the river and back to their site. And just after we’d been fitted with life vests, there came along a group of five men.

They were taking their fishing gear from the back of an SUV and loading it up in canoes and a kayak. Here we are, three married women in our 30s and 40s sitting on a bank with five girls ages 4 to 11 watching these men ages mid-20s to mid-50s load up for a slow fishing trip down the New River and  I say, “That’s the kind of man you want to marry, girls. One who knows how to provide and is willing to provide even when it requires diligent work.” And the other moms joined in and we watched and talked about the value and importance of choosing well. THIS was our teaching moment. And I honestly think, that for at least some of those little girls on the bank that day, that single conversation will be recalled when important.

My crew

Life is a series of choices. The choice of who to marry is one of the greatest of all. And our girls know that they have a choice. That is girl power.