I have several friends with new babies. They are so busy chasing them like I was chasing mine when they were young that they are grateful for a shower – regardless of the time of day. t’s pretty amazing how jumping from one thing to the next can make such a basic necessity seem like the greatest joy.

I am still like that. In fact, I needed a shower last night and it was 650p and  still had two places to go. And I needed that shower in a bad way. In a bad way. I actually put on a pink John Deere hat with an orange shirt and went to Sawyer’s baseball game and then to pick up Reade from baseball practice. Ugh. I am not a baseball hat kind of gal. Not at all.

Anyways, it leaves me thinking about how does anyone do it all? They don’t. They can’t. Not by themselves. won’t name names, but there are people and there are blogs that really do a number on the housewife psyche. I mean a real number.

There are days, most actually, where I am cranking out the love… love for husband, children, home…even friends! And then I read a blog. Again, I won’t name names. But dang. I finish reading and can only think, “What am I doing wrong?” I mean, get up early, go to bed late, exercise, cook from scratch, homeschool, love my husband, keep a clean home. Really. What am I doing wrong.
So I have to sit on it. And sit on it. And think.

I am doing nothing wrong. I am doing what is right for me. Even when it feels like failure. We made it through the day and no one is worse for the wear.

Sure, the mean girl in me wants to take jabs, but it means nothing to do so. Why hurt others in the process? I can’t say as  am able to exclaim joy for the others (without having to make myself) just yet. But why get buggy about it?

So, it’s FRI-DAY. And I am going to make it mine…for my husband…for my family…for me.