Reade had the privilege of time with friends playing airsoft Friday night and into Saturday morning. When I picked him up Saturday morning to then deliver him to a Scout activity, he was already waiting with his rucksack for me. Bent over, tying his boot, I noticed how strong his arms are and how mature his stature is becoming. About 20 feet away, I was just taken in at the beauty of my eldest child.

Then he looked up at me as he began moving toward the car. My heart sank. He had scrapes across his face. What had happened?!? He has a full face mask. As he approached me I could see he was blessed to not have hurt his eyeball.

It turns out the injury was from a game of Capture the Flag. Branches do attack. OK. I could handle this. He’d be OK.

Then later that day I spent some time out with Rebekah Anne and Laura Lea. Since it was just the three of us and because Husband was using the pick-up for work on the property, we drove the “car” again. I think it is technically calked a “crossover,” but I don’t have the energy to think about that. It’s not the huge truck I drive to accommodate the posse and it goes really fast, really quick and it is fun! So now that I’ve spent too long on that irrelevant part of the story…

While we were out, Husband needed to meet us to get his keys from the console of his CAR. We were walking out of a store when he and Junior Mint, aka Sawyer, pulled up. They hopped out to exchange hugs and kisses or get the keys, not sure which. Before Husband had shut the door to the truck I saw it.

His jeans were ripped at the left knee. Not torn, but ripped. A very ragged rip. And there was a patch of red. My heart felt like it stopped, or jumped, or sank, or something.

He’d been working with a chainsaw clearing around the pond when I left and I just knew this whatever was related to that chainsaw. And it was. Fortunately, he is fine. His knee is scraped and he has the two chainsaw teeth marks right on the meat of the knee. But he’s fine.

I don’t catch a lot. I may miss references to gym and bibs and WJ3, and i may miss when the kids are dragging every blanket we own outside or snaking hidden treats, but I don’t miss much when it comes to the care of my people. I love them. I want them well.

They take care of me. Husband provides me everything I need for this life on Earth. I want to make sure he’s well. His needs are my needs. His health is my health. I can’t imagine our life another way.