Oh yes. We are a People of Wal-Mart. No, still no trip to Wal-Mart. And no. No split pants again. But…

The youngest two girls and I did do a bit of clearance shopping. And on that trip to the western part of the county where our urban sprawl, aka progress, is, there is a store called “Justice.” It is simply Wal-Mart quality clothing at LL Bean (and higher prices). It is a little girls’ and not-so-little-girl’s dreamland.

There are some good finds like the long-sleeve navy tee I found for the eldest daughter on the clearance rack. But…for the most part it is filled with wardrobe pieces for the aspiring prostitute. Or, as a wise friend and her husband say, “prosti-tots.” Actually, there is also a lot of questionably-made jewelry as well. That’s what filled our bag.

A mood ring! And Rebekah Anne was very excited to show it off. And show it off she dis in this photo. No, she doesn’t know what the symbolism is. That is why we are indeed People of Wal-Mart… *grimace*