There is flu everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Some people I know are masking it and struggling through their days. Some people I know are letting it grind them to a halt. And some people I know are using conventional (think Tamiflu, Alka-Seltzer, etc) and traditional (think oscillococcinum, ginger) to minimize its effects.

We have not yet had flu. I am being a complete pessimist about the flu and saying “not yet.” I told husband in October, I think, that I believed we would get the flu this year. And no, we didn’t get flu shots. Why bother? We know people who had the shot and became just as ill as the general population and we know people who had the shot and never came down ill despite their entire families being ill. I just don’t believe the shot is worth the risks. For us.

But we’ve had the flu before. It’s been a few years. All of the kids had it. And it sucked. But it wasn’t unbearable. It was one of those precious times that life just stopped and we took care of one another. We cuddled and read and watched movies and played as we could. We didn’t try to do anything else but take care of one another.

Now, I didn’t get sick. So, it was easier than if I had. But if I do get sick this time, who will look after me? I would be foolish not to consider this. And so I am taking action and paying attention to how I feel and I have our herbs, spices, and homeopathics ready for action if the time arises, but what if my fat self is stuck in the bed and literally cannot get up?

I don’t really worry about it. I think about it. But not worry. Husband and the children will take care of me. We look after one another beautifully. Maybe the dishes will be put away in the wrong places or the floors go unswept for a couple of days, but we will all be supporting one another.

There’s no doubt to me we will. Because Husband and I model that for the children. I nurture and care for him and he nurtures and cares for me. They see our spiritual, emotional, and physical affection. They know we look after one another.

That is not to say we don’t argue in front of them… but they certainly see more love than not. Because we’re looking after each other.