I am not fnished copying in blog entries from the iphone yet. I have three more to go. But… A chat with a friend earlier today has encouraged me to move this one up.

Our governor, Beverly Perdue, has created an app for North Carolina citizens to play with our state’s budget. It’s call the Balance the Budget Challenge. You can find it here. When you get there, Charlie, NC’s very own Budget watchdog (who happens not to look like a Plott Hound, the state’s “official dog”, but at least he looks like a hound and is so called a Plott Hound by the Governor so therefore must be a Plott Hound) will greet you along with a picture of Governor Perdue. And right beside Governor Perdue’s photo are these first words:

The recession has left North Carolina with a deep and unprecedented budget shortfall.

So, we’re in an “unprecedented budget shortfall” and we pay a developer to create an app. Well, I guess it keep’s NC’s unemployed busy.

I went in search of the developer’s name and could not find any credit for the site to any place other than the Governor’s office. Is this how I want my tax money spent during an “unprecedented budget shortfall?”

But I played along. I don’t have to tell you where I made most of my cuts. But here’s the kicker… when I selected ALL the maximum cuts, I could not balance the budget. I was still left with $82.5 mil in deficit… So even when the government is playing “transparent” it is deceptive. And expensive. I cannot find what pay grade a state employed web designer is in NC, but I did find that the national average for a private sector, level I designer is $50k/year. I don’t think that qualifies for welfare.

So, go play with the app. You paid for it. And for the photographer who took the Governor’s photo and the artist who attempted to create a Plott Hound.