Sometimes when I walk upstairs, a wave of overwhelm smacks me like a brick to the face. My blood pressure rises, my heart begins to thump really hard, and my mind goes numb. Until the brick actually hits at which point I must decide whether I keep my mouth shut or go postal or any variance in between. Fortunately, I don’t go upstairs often and so I am not faced with the decision.

Maybe on the next trip up, the space seems less daunting. Maybe it doesn’t. But at some point when I tire of the actual stair climb I can see that the mess of construction paper confetti, sofa turned lion’s den, LEGOs everywhere isn’t really the mess it seems. It appears much more daunting than it is.

Sometimes personalities are like that. I may hesitate to join in for concern I’ll earn a new label. Or I’ll jump too quickly at a resolution and actually make a bigger mess. Or any variance in between. Because, things are not always as they seem.

Funny how, if I’d take the steps slower and breathe along the way, the mess wouldn’t be as big as it seems. And a lot easier to correct.

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