Someone posted to facebook this week something about feeling like middle school. I’ve no idea what that was about. I don’t know if it was a child acting out the way middle-schoolers do or if it was adults acting out the way middle-schoolers do or what. I don’t know.

What I do know is that I am having a middle-schooler moment today. Tweens often feel like “no one is listening or paying attention” according to me. Well, that’s how I feel today. Not that anyone is ignoring me. Not that anyone isn’t listening or paying attention. It’s just how I feel.

I didn’t wake up feeling this way. I woke up excited to announce that it’s FRIDAY! But now I feel like my Ts must be crossed with extravagant, angry strokes, my Is dotted with holes thrust through the paper and I don’t want to listen to Jimmy Buffet, the happiest-go-luckiest man in the world.

I have no justified reason to feel this way. I just do. But unlike a middle-schooler, I won’t take it out on others. I’ve scribbled my angst in this journal and will now go back to playing grown-up. With DMB in the background. I am grateful for my iPod. TGIF for me.

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