This week, or maybe it’s the last few weeks, has/have really wiped me out. A gorgeous weekend is ahead and I want to clear my slate to look ahead and be outside. Perhaps I should begin to prepare my garden. Because from my view “the stock market has [not] come roaring back.” With ravenous children, we may truly *need* those vegetables rather than just enjoy them.

I respect the wonderful American truth to the President’s statement that “If you worked hard, chances are you’d have a job for life, with a decent paycheck, and good benefits and the occasional promotion.” It is true. It is true because of the producers in our communities. It is true because of the innate self-driven desire to succeed. It is true because our nation was founded with few walls to prevent success. Was founded.

The President’s many paragraphs in the State of the Union transcripts about jobs talk not about government getting out of the way of the producers so they may produce. He doesn’t even talk about the government’s preemptive, past, current, or future, steps to manage the output and therefore success of producers. The “challenges that have been decades in the making” and the “shuttered windows,” “vacant storefronts,” and how “the world has changed” are all given lip service without any address as to how, why, or when the administration will address the economy.

Now, I am not like most. I don’t want the government to do anything “about jobs.” I want it to just stop. Just get out of the way. Allow people, producers and consumers, to make their own choices driven by their own self-driven interests. Yes, there will be some disasters. Let there be disasters. Let people fail. Let people succeed. There is a balance that naturally finds center without intervention. If the government, our President, believes we are smart, then let us be smart. Let us be smart enough to decide for ourselves who to help, where to invest, and how to live.

Or are we smart? Are we as smart as the Chinese? The President said that “Americans…proud men and women who feel like the rules have been changed in the middle of the game” are frustrated. Uh. Yeah. I’m frustrated. Perhaps one of the more disturbing parts of the SotU is the grandiose, no, the homage, paid to the Chinese. They “realized that with some changes on their own, they could compete in this new world.” The Chinese are “educating their children earlier and longer, with greater emphasis on math and science” while “investing in research” and now are the sole proprietors of “the world’s largest private solar research facility, and the world’s fastest computer.”

Uh. Let’s rip those statements. China realized on its own, huh? Uh. China is a communist country. With multiple human rights abuses daily. Without the ability to feed itself. That used scenes from the movie “Top Gun” to promote its military’s strength through it’s government-controlled news channel. China didn’t realize anything on its own. China has nothing of its own. It is a festering boil on the planet. Not the people, the oppression of its communist ideals.

So they’re educating their children earlier and longer? We already, in the U.S., rip toddlers from their homes at age 4 (3 one county east of my home) and run them through our heartless, cold, one-size fits all institutional schools, Mr. President. And you want them earlier? I am so sickened at this simple thought I cannot rationally discuss it this early in my day and will therefore move on.

“…with greater emphasis on math and science.” Now, I adore math and science, I do. But I see this as a great error in my country as well. When we put greater emphasis on math and science, analytical, black and white, mostly predetermined, skills, than the emphasis we put on rhetoric (look up the true definition, not the pop-media use), reading, philosophy, we squash new ideas. New ideas only come to fruition through any scope of academics when one can THINK. I am sure China wants to limit thinking. It’s core to the communist ideal. With a global society there are many ideas and free-thoughts floating around that could easily trigger a revolution in such an oppressive society. Pay attention. The same push for math and science abuse is here, too.

I am never impressed with any country’s, even my own, investment in research. Government has no place in any form of research, in my opinion. Maybe I’ll blog about that at some point.

Even less am I impressed with China’s “private” solar energy facility. Nothing is private in China. Good marketing, though. And the world’s fastest computer? Nah. Not so impressed. Computers, in general, replace human thought. That’s what any oppressive leadership wants. Pay attention.

The President then makes a few, less than accurate marks about our country’s founding. Well, really, he doesn’t say anything. But he does round out this section of his SotU speech with the statement that “We need to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world.” So. We’re in a race to be as communist, as one, as China? That is what he said. When your children are stripped of your name at birth in a state-mandated hospital and educated earlier and taught the praises of one of the world’s greatest human rights violators, look back on these words. I am sure it sounds like a stretch to some reading this. It was a stretch for many to believe they didn’t need a fat man wearing a crown to dictate their jobs, education, and religion. After all, like our President said Tuesday night, “we are the first nation to be founded for the sake of an idea.” (And that comment makes me want to vomit, by the way. Its simple inaccuracy is appalling.)

Maybe I’ll recover from this posting enough to write Part 3 over the weekend…I’m not even half of the way through the speech.

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