I want a quickie. Lunch. Only because I did so much cleaning yesterday, I don’t have a lot of interest in it today. Today I want to do some studying. We’re analyzing the Bill of Rights, I need to write a George Washington quiz and an Earth facts scavenger hunt. Remember, I can’t get into my laptop and ALL of our lesson materials are on there. But I keep on moving on…

So I am doing leftovers. Leftover wings and fries and pizza mini things from Sunday’s Football Fry Night. But all of that is brown. I need some GREEN. Kale to the rescue.

Our kids like kale. They like it raw, they like it cooked, and they like it baked into “kale chips.” So, on my way home from the hospital this morning, I popped in a grocery and for $1.49 I bought a single bunch of kale.

It’s easy to use. Just wash, cut the stem out, which is easiest to do with it folded over, cut into large pieces and into a bowl with a good heavy drizzle of olive oil. I toss it with my hands to make sure olive oil gets on every piece. Dust with salt and pepper, toss it again with my hands. And onto a baking sheet at 425F with the wings, fries, and pizza thingies. It takes about 7 minutes to crisp without over cooking. And it is good. You can see in the pic below that does not exist because my itouch and blackberry are not talking today, how it does decrease in volume slightly because it is dehydrating. But one bunch is plenty for my posse.

So there! A lunch quickie. 🙂 (It isn’t a nooner because it is only 11:48 am as I am writing this and it’s already been served… Get your mind out of there! )

Now back to the Constitution and piano lessons!
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