we play everything

we play everything

There’s a local radio station with the following slogan, “We play everything.” It’s a fun channel because they really do play everything. Often songs will come on and bring warm fuzzies of memories past. I like those songs.

Music is a big deal here in our house. Four of the kids take piano. They’d be better if I were more of a practice-nazi. (Oops…sorry for the uncivil language.) But there is only so much I can do. Husband plays anything put in his hands. He has three or four guitars, a mandolin. I think there is still a violin in the house and maybe a banjo. Drums are downstairs, too. And radio and ipods…there is almost always music playing.

And it can be any kind of music. It can be XMKidz, classical, classic rock, praise, reggae, love songs (my favorite!), big hair bands, country, bluegrass (a family favorite), show tunes, Elvis (Sawyer’s favorite). It doesn’t matter. It’s all good.

Our kids have had a fair amount of access to live music. Bluegrass festivals, street fairs, theater performances, bars. Yes, we take our kids to hear music in bars. During the daytime. Mostly. They play pool and foos ball and pin ball and run around and dance. They have a good time. And they are learning there’s no big deal about a location. It’s about the decisions people make. And of course, they’ve not seen surly behavior because we don’t hang in surly places.

They have a lot of exposure. And it’s great. What is a better advertisement for family than a family actually being a family? Doing things together. Even unexpected things. We’re a family. We play everything. Not just Family Game Night.