Occasionally I will check the stats on my blog. Without a laptop, though, I am really just learning how to use the wordpress app on the blackberry. I have discovered it has statistics!

I am intrigued with what posts get the most views. They generally are the ranting posts rather than the touchy-feely ones. The reason I am intrigued is because I know at least some solid portion of my readers are rock-solid Christian women. Some I know would never even admit to preferring ranting posts. You know who you are and I like you for it!

It just goes towards the premise that most humans are voyeurs. Or rubber-neckers if you prefer that term. Who doesn’t enjoy watching America’s Funniest Home Videos and it’s repeated groin smashes, head traumas, and belly busters? And laugh?

Well, just in the past 48 hours my post titled “finally!” Has received more views than any other post in the same time period. I wonder if the blog made it to the church lady herself. I wonder if the post’s popularity is due to observation or the point?

The point, for those who missed it, is that *I* am a generally happy person. Yes, I get rialed up, pissed off, sad, lonely, angry, etc etc. But overall, I am generally happy. And at that moment on Friday, I didn’t let a single exchange destroy what I knew of a person nor how I would enjoy the time with my son and our friends. The post was about ME.

Using the real-life example of the church lady is no more sinister than devotional after devotional and sermon after sermon that uses real-life examples for the purpose of illustration. But, it’s the sinister that makes folks want to look. Again. And again. And again. And it’s OK in my book.

I am as human as anyone else. I want things I can’t have and I do get a twinge of satisfaction when others don’t get what I want either. But this moment was not one of those. I left that restaurant sad for the church lady and more aware of myself. Because statistics DO matter. They spell life out in black and white. And I want to see more in my happy stats than in my sad stats.