This is when I know my hard work and plans for independence are coming to fruition.

I’m lying in bed recovering from a fierce headache and dark eye circles that come with staying up ’til 3a after going steady for days if not weeks. I need to get dinner going for the kids. But, baby, it’s cold outside. I want to stay in this bed!

Oh, looky there. It’s my trusty iTouch. Click, tap, tap, swoosh. Oh, looky there. It’s the taco seasoning recipe on the iTouch. Kelly Maaaaaaeee…! And I handed off the recipe. She is now getting the taco seasoning made while the meat cooks. Wait. Meat?

Rebekah Annnnnnne…! And she was directed to get the ground beef I browned the other day out of freezer and into the large stainless skillet.

Disaster averted. Dinner is started and I am still warm ans toasty in bed. When Momma’s happy, everybody’s happy.

This is when those math aka cooking lessons become worth the messes. It’s when the headache and frustration of too many cooks in the kitchen pay off. By including the kids in grocery shopping (choices), stocking things away, prepping, cooking, cleaning, the older ones now know where food and tools are and how to use them. They have a true skill with which they can care for themselves and their families. And right now those cooking are both still in their single digits. Imagine how awesome they’ll be in 5 years, 10 years…

When I laid down in bed and closed my eyes, I reflected on my day today. I’ve burned some bridges. I’m not terribly interested in rebuilding most of them. But I haven’t burned them all. And I am grateful.

This morning I saw a friend who I had not seen in some time. It was a real comfort to be able to pick up and talk just as if there never had been time nor circumstance that slowed the conversation.

I was able to bring just a moment of comfort to Husband’s grandmother this morning as she met another time of uncertainty.

I had time in the truck listening to my own music.

I had a nap!

And now my children are making their own dinner.

And it’s date night. I need to get my hair rolled. But I’ll have to get out of bed to plug in the hot rollers. Oh. Wait. Sawyeeeeerrr…!

I’ll stay warm a few more minutes.