My View at 2 a.m.

My View at 2 a.m.

It’s 2 a.m. I am staring at the fire, occasionally knitting, and beginning to panic for something on which to munch.

Husband is at the hospital with his grandmother and I can’t/won’t (pick one) sleep so I may as well be useful. Reade is at a friend’s and the others are all asleep. Peacefully. The house is so quiet.

I’ve wondered what to blog about for Friday. The day itself was pleasant. I did manage to mop floors and give spelling tests. Lunch with Reade and a friend. Chatter with homeschool friends. Home to tidy up and enjoy a little friend for a short visit. Y’know. Pleasant.

I’m sitting here knitting and thinking about the day and it hit me – even through all of the challenges, the constant plan changes, etc etc – I am generally a happy person.

At lunch today Reade and I were joined by friends of ours who happen to be a mother an son. We enjoyed ourselves. While we were seated and waiting for some part of our meal and woman and her sons walked in. I said Hi! With enthusiasm having not seen the family in some time. Stone.Cold.Nothing. in return. No biggie, maybe she didn’t recognize me.

The woman and her two sons were seated next to us. They also happen to know the folks with whom we sat. Nothing. Now, I went to church with this woman, kept her kids in Children’s Church, stood and chatted with her in the playschool pick-up line, and this is what she does?



I had posted one of my points of views about how MADD is nothing more than a lobbying vehicle working as an arm of the government to encourage individuals to give up even more of their rights. Oooohhh. That made her mad. She stormed off a reply about my insensitivity and how I must’ve never lost anyone to a drunk driver and *poof* she unfriended me. I laughed. It was comical.

She lost her mother via an accident involving an intoxicated driver. I understand her sensitivity. She *chose* to read what I wrote. She *chose* to argue and expect me not to defend myself. I didn’t *choose* to be subjected to a random numbers game (legal ABC, drinking age, and random checkpoints). I didn’t *choose* to play by the rules of a government puppet. It is FORCED on me. At gunpoint. She chose to read the facebook post.

Anyways, during the lunch, we laughed and our boys laughed. Our boys tried to engage her boys. No. I looked her way a couple of times and she was stolid.

She did not appear to be happy. At all. Now, she is a church-going gal. At least used to be and rumor is she still is. I am not. My faith is strong and deep and true, but perhaps I’ve made it clear through the blog that I am on hiatus. So what I want to know is how does a woman who is doing all kinds of good as an active MADD member, former leader of our local Red Cross, active in church, etc seem so sullen? So much so that it affected her sons as well?

I don’t have an answer. In James I read this week that we should find joy in our trials. I often do. I should work harder to. I wonder if she does. It’s not my job to know. I have no more responsibility for her happiness than I do anyone else’s. But I hope she finds joy because her faced looked heavy with trial.

I am grateful.