Wow. As I drove to Chapel Hill this morning to visit Husband’s grandmother, I was in semi-crisis mode. Just as we learned good news on the CT, our Laura Lea fell on her already very broken arm again as she was walking upstairs. Her first words this morning were, “My arm hurts.”

The time could not get to 8:30 fast enough. I was calling the orthopedist to get Laura Lea an appointment. Like Kelly Mae’s head, we just need to know Laura Lea’s arm is not injured. This arm was in a cast for 15 weeks over the summer. It has a dog leg in it. It needs to be well.

When I was able to get through, the receptionist tells me “her doctor will not be back in until the 25th.” Well…great for him. He’s a great guy, really like him, awesome with my kid, but she needs to be seen today. If not by your office, another. “The new healthcare law requires patients to stay with a single provider. Let me see if I can do anything and I’ll call you back.”

Whaaaaat? My well-insured, and I mean well-and privately- insured child may be denied access to treatment because her doctor is not in and the healthcare law may prevent her from seeing another physician? No, I didn’t express my distaste or any commentary whatsoever w the receptionist. We don’t get sick, we break, remember? We know these people well. I was nice, said thank you, and waited for a return call.

Well, that call came much faster than I anticipated and Laura Lea will be seen this afternoon, obviously by another doctor, but with caveats left and right.

Someone attempt to defend the healthcare law to me. My child has never used any taxes for healthcare, yet she was nearly refused access because my family is being forced at gunpoint to provide through taxation healthcare to others. Yeah. Great system.

So, I arrive and park at the hospital and I’m a bit peeved from the whole ortho thing and I walk in through the neuro building. A whole new set of emotions begin to make me physically ill. Memories of coming here with a gangrenous gall bladder while pregnant with Rebekah Anne. Staying for two weeks. Returning for multiple neuro visits after. Taking turns with Husband sleeping in Laura Lea’s bed after she fell face first from the hay loft. Ugh. Not. Good.

I walk through neuro, past women’s, past children’s, and into Memorial. My stomach is nearly flipping from the anxiety of past experiences here. I’ve never been in Memorial. It is so old school. It’s almost just like the old Watts Hospital where NCSSM is now. It has the most wonderful charm. Wonderful.

I step into the way back machine and begin to relax. Kelly Mae is OK. Laura Lea has an appointment. I breathe. And find Mam-Maw’s room.

I get to use narrow elevators, walk in low-ceiling hallways. I even took two narrow escalators twice just because they were there and reminded me of the escalators at the old North Hills Mall. I even giggled a bit as I rode them!

The room is just like a dorm room in Bryan at NCSSM. Same shape, color, horrible lighting. The dorm rooms were afterall, previously patient rooms. What.A.Trip. I like the way back machine, but this is almost surreal.

So here I sit. It’s quiet. I had a lovely conversation with her nurse. I’ll share it later. These fingers are too fat to type on this phone for too long.