Broken legs, arms, pinkies, heads, toes… We break.

I am not sure if breaking is a good thing. I know that as I read accounts of our sweet friends vomiting, coughing, and otherwise miserable, breaking seems like the better end of the deal.

Today we took Kelly Mae for a CT scan of her head. She slipped in the hallway Friday with her wet boots on and her head clocked a door jamb. I was in the kitchen and heard the smack. *ouch* But she was more interested in playing with her friend than tending to her head injury so I gave her arnica and we went about our day. That’s what any mom would do, right?

Well, fortunately, her skull is not broken. But the worsening headache is what led me to take her for a check. A swollen brain was the only diagnosis…and I am grateful!

So, I guess at least for today, broken is better than sick.

Get well, sweet friends here and around the blogworld.