We’ve reached a benchmark. A *big* benchmark. A milestone, really. It’s too big to just be a benchmark.

Reade watched another family’s baby in their home, alone, for fee today. Wow. Yes, I was just “next door” through the woods but that is moot. Another child unrelated to him was dependent on him. A baby no less.

I walked up to check on him near nap time. He was so gentle with his charge. He changed the cloth diaper with grace. Rested the child in bed so tenderly. Made sure there was plenty of blanket without being too much… He even very peacefully closed the bedroom door after nudging the dog from the room. What a precious time to witness.

As Reade walked down the road to the house afterwards he looked even taller. Even stronger. He was so proud of his earnings. I asked him to create a chart of his work and to begin a project record book for 4-H next year. He did so without complaint.

How strange to think that this is where we are now…our oldest watching another family’s baby. Husband is getting old.