It’s art appreciation day! This month the middle three children are at Nasher Museum at Duke learning with other homeschooled friends. Due to my laptop’s lack of cooperation, I was unable to download and prepare them in advance with the pre-visit activities.

What I was able to do, however, thanks to the class coordinator’s email, was prepare them to see nudes in the art today.

As we’re driving…

So, y’all, we’re going to Nasher today where we saw Picasso last year, not to Ackland like usual. Do you remember the museum?

Kids: yes, no, maybe

Today you may see some nude people in the art. What does “nude” mean?

Kids: it means naked.

Well, nude means naked and not up to anything. Nude means no clothing. Well, when you see the nudes, please remember your art museum etiquette and do not laugh, giggle, snicker, point, etc.

One particular child: Will there be penises and vaginas?

Maybe. And you know what they look like already so remember your etiquette.

Same one particular child: What if it’s the first time my friend has seen a penis and vagina?

Well, the friend has one or the other so I’m sure the friend will remember the art etiquette as well.

That particular child: Well, I can help if they need help.

And I let it drop. But now I sit here at Mad Hatter with these two sweet kids, one Laura Lea and the other a little friend, and I’m watching them sip hot chocolates and play Angry Birds and chattering away. And I can’t help but wonder if that one particular child is turning an art appreciation class into an anatomy class.