Blogging is something I do daily. Just in my head. I form many lovely posts to share about life, politics, faith and randomness while sweeping and mopping floors, scrubbing toilets, washing dishes, folding clothes… I just can’t remember them when it’s “computer” time. Well, that and the fact that I am technologically challenged with one laptop down, the wordpress app on my iTouch not working, and the wordpress app on this blackberry choosing only yo post on occassion. But really, I truly just forget what I had beautifully formed most often.

But back to this “computer” time. I have to stay on task. Remember all my mention of this in the past? Yes, I can get online and like others spend hours blog-hopping. I learn and am inspired and motivated in the process but at what cost? Popcorn all over the floor, kids fighting, TVs turned on and unmonitored, my short patience are not worth a blog post. For me anyways. So I schedule computer time for myself.

What I have not figured out is how to get ahead like I once was. Then the pressure is off. I guess I need to block a couple of hours off and do it. But ugh. These screens are so stinkin’ tiny.