Bowling with a posse of children should be limited to one game. They are way too bored to finish the last few frames of the second game, so save the money.

While driving home from bowling with the posse of kids all whining about how hungry they are because it is *gasp* 1 o’clock (they’d eaten a full breakfast at 945a), I could not help but be tempted to exit at 62 and drag them through the Home Depot just to delay their lunch. Yes, it’s a mean thought, but I think it would have been a fun one just the same.

The parking lot at the Home Depot was *full* of vehicles. I can assume a few things from this. #1 – it’s a day off for folks. Hooray! #2 – people like Home Depot and enjoy home improvement projects. OK. #3 – public-schooling, private-schooling, and home educating mothers across the county are tired of the noise inside their minivans and SUVs and exited at 62 to drag their kids through Home Depot as torture. Most likely accounts for the very full parking lot.

Children assume anything with tomatoes in it must be Italian or Mexican. What is jalfrezi, then?

I am apparently a soft-talker because no one seems to hear me. Except when I call them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Unions are bastions of inefficiency and greed. I do not belong to a union. But I want to go on strike.

Egg Nog with just the right amount of good cognac enjoyed as a dessert after a late lunch meal with tomatoes and in the presence of loud children, does not dull a headache.