Last night we stopped.

We’d started the day with lessons and homekeeping. We’d gotten busy getting our posse dressed for the funeral. We arrived home, put dinner together, randomly rearranged furniture, welcomed and entertained friends. And then we stopped.

It seems to me that when a passel of kids gets together, it takes a good couple of hours for everything to settle down. Once they settled down, we did, too.  Ah. That felt so good. To stop.

I messaged Husband these words this morning:

I really enjoyed leaving the kitchen and stopping to be with you last night. When I walked to the kitchen this morning and saw the messy stove and unwiped counters and both sinks full of dishes, I just smiled. It’s like we stopped the world and melted.


And it was. No, and I have to say this because my OCD self can’t not, the kitchen was not a wreck. I had wiped things down after dinner, just not after a late snack. And one sink was full of clean dishes and the other had a soaking crock pot. But I walked away. I didn’t stand in the kitchen and piddle until the kids were done with their last snack or their last drink. I didn’t wait for all the dishes to dry so they could be put away and I didn’t scrub on the crock pot until it came clean. I stopped. We stopped.

And it wasn’t like we did anything oooh la la. We just went to the small sofa nearest the fire and sat and listened to the kids goofing off and enjoying one another. I would not have even moved except that I had to get the kids to settle more for rest. It was so great. I don’t have anymore words for it.

Today, I’ve stopped. The breakfast dishes are cleaned up, the table wiped and cleared, the floor swept. But the casserole dish is soaking. And while lunch is known, it isn’t being prepped. I am stopping. I won’t get to melt, but I can stop.

I put a couple of logs on the fire, poured a warmed-up cup of coffee, picked up the lap top and am sitting. I have written about my weakness to just stop and enjoy my life more slowly. I know I can do it. I just MUST do it. I think all of my relationships with everyone – God, Husband, children, friends – will be better for it.