So here I sit at the end of the day. We attended the second funeral for family in just over a week. There are four extra children here. The living room is rearranged. The fire is crackling. Husband is draped asleep over me on the short sofa. I have really warm socks on.

This is such a grand life.

The funeral for great Aunt Rachel today was the most sincere, most genuine, sweetest funeral I’ve ever attended. Every family has its issues and I am sure this family is no exception (our part I know is not!) but this family no less loves one another and is loyal to one another. It is a true blessing that the children were able to witness such a genuine expression of faith and loyalty.

A friend is struggling. I am by no means a rock, but my fat little fingers were able to listen for my friend today. I am grateful for the avenue provided me by Husband to be available.

Our home is filled with squeals, cheers, drums, and other random noises as four extra friends join us for at least a few days. I can think of no more joyful noise.

Husband dozed off to football while having his legs and feet rubbed. What a lucky man! What a precious expression of love for our children and their friends to see.

When I pass, I won’t be referred to as “quiet and beautiful” as Grandmother was last week at her funeral. I won’t be referred to as “a wisp of a woman always doing for others” as Aunt Rachel was at her funeral today. What I do want is that as I leave my time here, folks, especially Husband and our children remember me with as much love as those Grandmother and Aunt Rachel leave behind. Because I do love my people. I love those near, far, and apart from me. And I love them with passion.

At least as much passion as my 6 year old who is currently passionate over his diminished status at the moment…
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