I think someone probably believes that the internet is the greatest invention of late. And it is. Because I can order groceries.

This is the most amazing thing. Truly.

I hop on my computer around 530 this morning and with several clicks, comparisons, coupon checks, I submit my grocery order. All while sitting by the window with a blazing fire beside me and a good cup of coffee. Oh. And The Weather Channel rolling through the winter weather predictions for us tomorrow.

I guess it’s been three years now since my sister taught me the value of ordering groceries. I place an order of any size online. Schedule my pick up (at least three hours out) and then when it’s ready I drive up to the little magic talking box, give them my name and *poof* my groceries are strolled out and loaded in my truck for me.

There is a fee: $4.95. I do believe that at this point my sanity is worth $5. And since I use coupons and shop sales so well, I can’t think of any time I’ve actually had to pay the fee. I generally  buy the one month unlimited shops plan because I’ll easily shop twice in a week.

OOH! Here’s a kicker. We have THREE online shopping grocers in my area. I’m partial to one store but it has two locations on either side of the county. SO… whether I am heading east or west, I am covered. It’s easy to grab groceries while the girls are at gymnastics or headed back from an art appreciation class. This.Is.The.Bomb. (or whatever is popular to say these days…)

Yes, I do still occasionally go into the grocery. Just not often. And I am grateful.