So we’re taking a break. We’re taking a break from Christmas shopping with a brew and grilled chicken fingers at our local pub.

Shopping stresses me out. The stores are filled with crap. What.A.Drag. Plastic. Plastic. Plastic. China. China. China.

Our children already have beautifully crafted playthings. We’re not talking Melissa and Doug here. We’re talking Vermont Maple made. What’s left to give?

A few of our children are moving beyond toys. Not because of their age. And not because they don’t play. The eleven year old still sets up Playmobil and Brio and these amazing Lego masterpieces and plays for hours with his 6 year old brother.

They’re moving beyond toys because they see a world beyond that now and are interested in exploring their natural bents.

One is quite the engineer. He takes things apart and puts them back together until he understands the operational mechanics.

One is discovering her physical strength and creative capacity through climbing and paper crafts.

And much to my sadness but delight, one is discovering her physical beauty and is enamored with the human state.

Toys won’t satisfy these discoveries…

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