It’s a workday at our home. Husband will carry away trash. I will freshen bathrooms and sweep and vacuum floors. And the children will begin the purge.

They’ll pick up the playroom and get toys in their proper places. They’ll clean their rooms. They’ll prepare the room for me so that I may purge it. That’s right. I’ll make the tough decisions that they cannot. Tossing toys that are incomplete or broken. Stowing toys with which the grandchildren will play. Giving away toys that are fun but not longer for our crowd.

There are also a few rooms that need a good cleaning. Bedrooms mostly. Not the master bedroom. It’s in great shape. But those kids’ rooms. How do they get so messy? There are not toys in them. It’s the dirty clothes and trash. Paper after paper of doodles and doodles and doodles. Why?

Husband and I must also start Christmas shopping. Yes, start. I know, I know. It’s less than a week away. I know. I know. And yes, a couple of things have been secured. A couple. And ideas and locations are confirmed. Mostly.

Then there’s this little thing called snow in the forecast. Or, at least Winter Weather Advisory. Yet few stations are even discussing it. Watch us wake to a foot of snow. Anyways, we’re ready for that. We’ve got plenty of wood up and I can cook like no one’s business so we’re good.

So, it’s a workday here. And it will probably extend to tomorrow.