It’s week three of the High-Heeled Housewife’s My Favorite Things Challenge. And it’s about chores. Or “responsibilities” which somehow makes it all feel better.

The challenge is this: This week, instead of dreading doing your household chores, focus on your favorite household chore. Enjoy doing it!


Now, I think I am one record saying this, but my favorite household responsiblity it ironing. I always have things to iron but often put it off for a variety of reasons, mainly because I get wrapped up in it and actually go in search of things to iron. So for me, it is as much about self-control as anything.

So here’s my plan:

I’ll iron three things and only three things at a time. And I’ll iron ahead over the course of the week. This week, instead of putting it off knowing I’ll get engrossed in it, I’ll be tempered in it.