It’s Thanksgiving at last. The rib roast is finishing up in the oven, the sides are made, the cheesecake chilling. The house is quiet.

It is gray and cool outside. We’ve had some light rain perfect for helping a freshly sown pasture along. We are mostly settled in front of the television watching the National Dog Show.

In an hour or so we’ll head to family and enjoy a feast that will no doubt leave us full beyond comfort. There will likely be leftovers to bring home and enjoy tomorrow when we again cook for our own little family here while it rains some more.

When I first gave thought to the idea of for what I am most thankful this season, I immediately thought “peace.” Then I paused. How strange…

But indeed, I am most grateful for peace. I am grateful for the peace within my home. Even when it is dotted with angst in cleaning, fusses over swings, and battles over the wii wheel. There is peace. Everyone in this home knows he is loved. They know that when the rest of the world is beating on the windows, they are safe inside.

I am grateful for the peace in my community. Even with a standoff not far away resulting in tear gas and other such SWAT tactics, such a concern is rare. This is a very peaceful place. Even when it’s dotted with a few robberies, shootings, or worse, it is peaceful.

I am grateful for peace in my country. There is great unrest among the intellectual electorate. But there is peace. There is great unrest among the working electorate. But there is peace. There is great unrest among those with nothing. But there is peace. I do not have to fear for my life when I walk into a grocery store. I do not have to wonder if a missile will land on or near my home. I do not have to fear that my husband will be captured and tortured or killed while away at work. Or on his way home to us. There is peace in my country.

The peace that feeds my soul in my home, my community, and my country is greater than what many families across the globe are experiencing right now as I type this. Be it the wee hours of the night or the heart of the work day, I have peace while many others are uncertain of their own fate from day-to-day. I am so grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving blog world. May the peace that passes all understanding keep your heart and mind today.