Saturday morning I was the first one out of bed. I quietly moved through the house and out the door to get the breakfast  Birthday doughnuts. It would take me close to an hour to drive to a neighboring town, get the doughnuts and get back home. I knew for certain that someone else would be awake when I returned but I had hoped it would not be Husband. I had closed our door softly and had even taken his car since it’s so much quieter than the truck as it moves first thing on a cool morning.

As I drove my day was building with excitement at our youngest son’s 6th birthday ahead. We’d enjoy doughnuts for breakfast, a birthday tradition, then open presents. We’d work around the house a bit, enjoy friends and family dropping by to say Happy Birthday and then Husband and the birthday boy were heading to a football game. Our eldest son was away camping with his troop so it’d just be me and the girls. I had our time somewhat mapped out. We’d finish frosting the cake then run out to check out an organizing bin I’d seen in an ad, pick up our grocery order for the birthday dinner (hot dogs and curly fries as requested) and lastly run by the bread store for buns.

Well, we did frost and decorate the cake.

We did visit the home center. We didn’t get the organizing box as it was much different in person. But we did come home with other things. Surprise.
And we did get the grocery order.
The girls and I came home and turned on some music and re-lit our candle, made hot dog chili and started setting up the things we’d bought at the home center. A plant stand and some plants. We planted some herb seeds to rest in the bottom of another plant stand. And we hung the garland on the stair railing. And *poof* it was nearly time for the boys to arrive home.
We hung streamers and we blew up and hung balloons. We set the birthday gifts up around the birthday cake adorned with candles. I sent a child downstairs to bring hot dog buns up from the freezer. I had forgotten to go by the bread store and get buns. But I wasn’t worried. I knew I had some in the freezer. And guess what? We had buns! Hamburger buns!

So, I messaged Husband asking him to bring buns home, but reassuring him that I could run back out. Of course, he picked up the buns and didn’t hesitate to do so. I was grateful.

But I had a pain in the pit of my stomach. It’s the little things that count. Good and bad. I failed to follow through with my plans: cake, home center, grocery, bread store. I became so wrapped up in my own plans after finding the goodies at the home center that I was following my own agenda, not the family agenda.  I do not like this feeling.
No, it isn’t a big deal for Husband to grab buns or milk on his way home from a football game or dinner. He is always willing to do so. But he shouldn’t have to. He shares all he has and gives me more-than-adequate provisions to meet these needs for our family. When I keep the family agenda in focus, not my own selfish agenda, I feed my husband.