So, I went to the Artorama Art Supply Show on Friday. I learned so much. And I really enjoyed my time with my mother-in-law.

Talk about overwhelming… I had no idea there were so many different kinds of acrylic, or watercolors, or anything. The paper… paper after paper after paper. And I didn’t know painting on wooden boards was kind of a standard thing. Wow.

And I learned about Zentangles… Now, like I should do with more things, I am taking from this what I want to take rather than looking for all the inconsistencies. In summary, tangles are fancy doodles taught for the purpose of meditation, thus the “zen” of Zentangle.

This is from the zentangle site linked above

Now, meditation is an odd thing for me. I can’t separate it from self-saving faiths, yet I can’t separate it from prayer. It’s weird to even try to explain how I am trying to process it.


I do like the way Zentangles look, especially on clothing. There are all kinds of applications. And it’s just plain relaxing.

I did purchase at the show the Zentangle Basics book. And I introduced it to the children yesterday at the start of lessons. I am wondering if it can be used to help center them as a part of our daily opening. All I know after one day is that it was silent at our table for 30 minutes. 30 minutes, people. And I did all the reading for the day. And they remembered it when quizzed later.

This is the quietest I think our lesson table has EVER been.

The nearly 6 year old zentanglingPainted nails can zentangle

Eldest made a few today. He really enjoys the patterning and is hoping I’ll let him draw on a ball cap.

Broken arms can zentangle

Even tiny 4 year old hands zentangle


Painted nails can zentangle