I am joining up with The High-Heeled Housewife to share My Favorite Things about my world. It’s a six week event, so stay tuned. You might learn something interesting! (And maybe not…) If you blog and are following this challenge, let me know so I can learn from you, too.

Week 1: This week, focus on your favorite part about being a wife or a woman.  Celebrate it!  Spend extra time this week focusing on that aspect of your life. 


Ahh… Let’s start with an easy one, shall we? My favorite part of being a wife is having the companionship I have with Husband. I am a little saddened when he leaves home in the mornings. I yearn for him during the day. And I long for him to return at night. When Husband is home, I feel whole. Even if we’re in different rooms with different roles at different times. I feel whole.

To nurture and grow my connection with Husband this week, I am going to work even harder to be with Husband when he is home. To stop and be. Let the kids run around like yahoos. Let the crumbs stay on the floor. Ignore the urge to read or write. I will stop and be with him.

My favorite part of being a woman is simply being a woman. Living the role I believe is meant to be lived by women. We are created as nurturers. I nurture Husband, our children, our home, our animals, our garden, our friends. Not always all well all the time, but I do. I adore being a woman. Simply being a woman.

I do not think being a woman means painted nails, painted face, and lacy underwear. I do think being a woman means gentleness, confidence, peacefulness. I will nurture those three things (but not ignore the first three for sake of that connection with Husband) this week.

Ahhh… and thought this was easy…