Two date nights this weekend have left me satisfied with the time Husband and I had, yet very tired. Very tired.

We enjoyed dinner at a Thai restaurant on Friday night. Our favorite sushi chef was leaving to return to the west coast. He always took such great care of us each time we visited. We’d sit up at the bar and ask him to “take us on a ride.” We have enjoyed special cuts of salmon, the neck of a yellowfin tuna (served Iron Chef style) and some of the most wonderful sashimi salads ever made. With live music  And time together over some Nigori. So lovely.

We ended our dinner with a stop by our local pub for a nightcap then home to rest up for Saturday’s tailgating.

After shopping with a friend at a local vendor fair, I joined my family for some tailgating with friends. The game was great fun. I was completely worn out when we did arrive home and unpack. And I knew we had a big night ahead. One of our favorite local bands was playing and we didn’t want to miss them. They are SO much fun!

SO a quick nap was refreshing. Even after waking to a startle realizing that I needed to get dinner going and prep kids for bed, I was so exhausted I wanted to stay in bed. I jumped up anyways and started water on the stove. The sitter was already here! I had not even heard her come in I was sleeping so soundly. Husband rescued me and said we’d order the kids pizza. I was grateful!

But I still didn’t want to go out. I was so tired. I knew, though, how much fun we would have and more importantly, I knew Husband wanted to spend this time with me. How could I be grumpy about that?

Oh, I could. I have been quite the party pooper before. Not in recent times, that I recall, but I no less have been. And I see other wives/girlfriends/dates with sour faces on, too. But that will not be me. I will be with Husband and enjoy the evening.

Husband says, “You’re only as old you feel.” That being the case, I was feeling at least eight years older than him rather than eight years younger. So I had to get my act together. First, I didn’t fret over my outfit. A plain, black, scoop neck long-sleeve tee, my Levi dark wash jeans, and my cowgirl boots. Easy. But it’s cool outside? I have so many nice jackets. But I was going country… so it had to be my Carhartt lined vest. Easy. I was going to be young. I will not be old.

Still tired,  we went to a neat little restaurant in a nearby town and I had a grilled chicken caesar and a sweet potato on the side. Being careful to watch the calories, I dipped my fork in the dressing cup rather than pouring dressing on my salad. I am going to be young. I am not going to be old.

Feeling a bit better after eating, but still with a chiding headache, I popped a BC. And a 5-Hour Energy. No. Don’t say a word to me about it. Don’t. I already know. But I am going to be young. I am not going to be old. Joan Rivers has had a little work done. I was having a little work done – but mine will only be short term.

Arriving during sound check we played a couple of games of pool (I won one – honestly!) with a yummy local brew. And then the tunes. This band is fun. Sipping on ice water and dancing in my boogie boots, I was having a good time. I was young. I was not old.

I fed my Husband an easy, relaxed, fun night by just chilling out. Not worrying about the sleep I wanted. Not bothered by what I was wearing. Not anxious about a thing. I fed him fun without pushing my own agenda. And it was lovely.