Know what I am doing?

You’ll never guess…

Really, you won’t.

And I’m choosing to do this.


I have, by choice, left the house early to shop.

Not for Christmas gifts. Not for birthday gifts. Not for lingerie nor the perfect pair of jeans. But for art supplies.

Never fear, I have a great leader. I am with one of the two best shoppers I’ve ever know. I’ve mentioned my sister is an incredible shopper. So is my mother-in-law. She is also an artist. And she’s showing me her candy store. I am grateful.

Husband gave me the cash. And I’m gonna get canvasses, paint (not even washable paint), watercolors, clay, pencils, and whatever else I think will work for our crafting and art lesson needs. WOW.

I’ve packed a book. I know I’ll wear out before lunch. And I’ll be perfectly content seated and watching and occasionally reading. But I’ll have done my job. I will have shopped for art supplies willingly.