When this upcoming weekend was first looked at by us, there was nothing on the calendar but a local college football game at which we planned to tailgate. Then life happened.

Within a matter of two weeks we had possible football games and pictures, a trip out of town, a soccer party, and still that tailgate. So much for calm, huh? But even with all those choices (and there would be choices to make) we’d be doing omst of it together.
Isn’t that what’s really about a weekend? Time together. Whether it’s working on different parts of the property on projects, watching two different TVs, or even moving from activity to activity to activity, we’re together. This is why I like weekends. My days are all about the same, 365 times a year. But on weekends we have Husband.

The upcoming weekend has mostly worked it out with a party on Friday, no football game on Saturday morning, only pictures on Sunday afternoon, leaving that tailgating time wide open for us. And the road trip? Well, maybe it will be Sunday to Monday or just Monday. Point is, it will happen. And we’ll be together.