I cook a lot. blah. blah. blah. You’ve heard that how many times now? Sick of my saying that yet? Well, suck it up… it’s a big part of my world. Know what’s not a big part of my world? Onions.

There is no hate for onions in my world. I adore onions. Love ’em. Would gladly eat them in everything I make. Even cake. Well, maybe not cake, but I’d try it. If only I didn’t have to chop them.

Sometimes I cry, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes my nose burns, sometimes it doesn’t.

You also know how not-a-gadget-person I am… well, I have bought a few onion-chopping gadgets. To no avail.
And guess what I read today? Well, really, I watched it. Here’s a great (and high-larry-us) post/video from Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff. Oh yeah. I am SO making peppers and onions with brats this week. SO!