Remember my Cooking Confession? Well, I now have a Crafting Confession.

I do not like to make crafts with my kids. I know. I know. I know. That is against the Homeschooler’s Bible. I know. I know. I know. But it’s messy, and unruly, and often ends in a headache and yelling from me and/or the kids. I.Just.Don’t.Like.It.

But I did it. TWICE last week. TWO TIMES. TWO SEPARATE TIMES. And it went very well and no one got hurt. No one. Not even me.

First, I wanted to make a garland. This involved cutting, painting, gluing. *gasp* In order to not go schizo on my kids, I cut out the leaves from a template in advance. And I did the gluing at the end.

We did the painting towards the end of Quiet Time. I just let the kids join in as they came out of their rooms. It was actually a lovely experience. We danced to celebrate our success!

Two days later we made napkin rings. Again, cutting AND gluing. I did the cutting. Yes, my kids know how to use scissors. I’ve not written about all the hair that’s been cut without authorization. There is even a set of bangs right now recovering for the THIRD time. Again, I was trying not to go schizo on them, so I did the cutting. But I let them glue. With tacky glue, no less. I consider that real progress for me. 

Because they did so well, I gave them free range with the craft sticks and glue at the bar top while I made dinner…

So I survived. Both times. Wow. I even am scouting blogs for additional ideas. Ideas welcome! I’d love to share the links for the two leaf garland and the napking rings, but I printed them and then tossed the papers as soon as we were done. I think they are at Family Fun’s site.