Today is National Housewives Day. It is, by no mistake I am certain, on comic Roseanne Barr’s birthday each year.

Do I need a National Housewives Day? Probably about as much as Husband needs a Boss’ Appreciation Day. We do what we do because we do.

In preparing this post, I did a few quick internet searches and I learned

  • National Housewives Day was set to celebrate the work that stay-at-home-wives do each day
  • The day is also referred to as Retro Housewife Day
  • That the standard accepted way to celebrate is to ask a housewife not to do her regular chores today.


Here’s what I think of this: bull-hockey. That’s what my Nana would say. Bull-hockey.

I am celebrated each day when Husband is satisfied at the end of his day. I am celebrated each day with hugs and kisses of which are too many to count much less accept every single time they are offered. I am celebrated each day when a young woman admires the role I have in our home. I am celebrated.

Retro? Really? I knew mothering had gone out of style, but is it really SO out of style that living the role created specifically for women is now called “retro.” I am not truly offended by much, but I might just be offended by that. What kind of “holiday” offends its honorees? Well, if I must be retro, then I must. I should wear my apron more often.

I am supposed to be honored with a day off from my chores. Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. Let me take the day off so that I can work two or three times as hard tomorrow. Yeah. Let’s do that. Seriously, I have an incredible family. Husband is wonderful about processing his own dishes, putting away his shoes, dirty clothes, wet towels. The children will do their share with a minimal amount of encouragement. Most days. But take a day off? No thanks. I am Queen of my castle and Queens don’t take days off.

So, it’s a neat idea, but I suspect there is a reason there is no real acknowledgement of the day. Not even a website. Not even by Hallmark. Nor should there be.