If Courtney had never planted the idea of a pillow fight in my head, I likely would have never intentionally tried it. But it was a movie night that made me think about how to manage it.

The kids were all in the basement and we were set up to watch a movie on the big screen. And I saw the little sofa pillows stacked into a pile. And it occurred to me that we didn’t have to use bed pillows. We could use the sofa pillows. NICE! This I could handle.

But I couldn’t. I will work on it. I will. But I just couldn’t. We did have a lot of sweet time together this week, though. Even with the trauma of losing a horse late in the week, we did have a really beautiful Saturday, too. I am grateful.

The Making Your Home a Haven Challenge is beginning to wind down. I have enjoye dit very much and have gained insight and appreciation for how I can nurture my homemaking through caring for my family. This last week, the challenge is in the kitchen. This is a lovely week for me as I will bloom where I already am most of the time.