It’s only a few days until Halloween. A.Few.Days. We have five children. Five.Children. And no costumes. No.Costumes.

And this is not the first year. Every year it comes together. Every year the kids are happy and joyful and gleeful. Every year they get all the candy I can stand. Every year is dreamy. But I am such a party pooper.

Perhaps I am the sole individual that does not care for Autumn. All I like about Autumn is the word “Autumn.” I don’t care for the word “Fall.” It only makes the season that much worse for me.

The bright leaves can be beautiful. For moments. The weather can be pleasant. For moments. But it all leads to dead stuff. Nothing growing. Well, almost nothing. Nothing exciting. Well, almost nothing. And the holidays… GRrrr. Columbus Day. Why? He missed. Halloween? Don’t care for dressing up, especially masks. Thanksgiving? Well, it has its redeeming qualities, but overall it only brings the extended family quandaries built up from years of communication failures. Black Friday? I’m well-documented for my despise of shopping.

Even Winter has fires…that’s about all, but at least it has them.

Why is Florida so far away? I’d settle for moving to Florida every year about, well, Columbus Day. I’d be nearer where he landed… I’d stay in Florida until mid-May when the green is good and out here and there are days that I can sweat.

Yes, I know I should be grateful for EVERY season. And I am. I work hard to enjoy the things I do not like. I have developed an affinity for pretty coats. And have many, mostly thanks to my mother-in-law. Thank you! I have developed quite a soup-making skill. Yesterday I conquered Butternut Squash with Thai Gremolata. I’ve developed an appreciation for football – youth recreation, college, and professional. Especially our fun fry nights. I’ve even developed a special love of early, dark mornings. Won’t my morning Quiet Time fit in nicely this Autumn? I

So, no, Autumn is not my favorite season. It is my least favorite. And, yes, I accept that I am probably the only person out there that isn’t raving about the leaves, the weather, or the upcoming fun night. But that’s OK. Because right now I am only thinking about how to pull off costumes for James Bond, Santa Claus, a caterpillar, Elvis, and the Easter Bunny. Oh. I just noticed. Not only will our simply celebrating Halloween offend some, but look at those costume requests! Oh. My. *giggle*