I have one week. One week from today before I vote. There are still some races for which I’ve not studied. But I will.

I’ve printed out our sample ballot. I’ve highlighted those for whom I will vote. I’ve looked at leadership races for those candidates that appear and pronounce the most fiscal conservatism. I’ve looked at judgeship races for those candidates that appear least likely to advocate from the bench. I’ve looked at the school board races for those who will work toward an end to the public administrators’ harassment of homeschoolers in our community.

Several friends have asked me for whom I am voting. This year, I’ve decided not to share.  I’ve decided not to share because, well, number one, I don’t think it is always a sincere question. I think it is often a way to make conversation and well, I am more than my political self. Number two, I think sometimes folks want someone else to make the decision for them. But I think those folks genuinely want to make an educated decision and since they know I study the races, they lean to me for that educated decision. I am honored to be trusted and flattered to be so highly regarded. Which leads lastly to number three. In a year when there is so much involvement from people who are not generally active in the political arena, I’m hoping that those people are paying attention and just not another cow in the herd of life allowing someone else to be the gate that leads it to the market truck.

I think the whole Tea Party rise is a great one. We’ve attended many tea parties hosted by many different people and organizations. I am disappointed to see the movement morphing into organizations, however. I do think it undermines the original intent, but no less, it’s what it is.

What concerns me most is that there will be a sweep of newness into the political process on November 2nd at all levels. And when those new folks are unable to enact and repeal in a way that is suited to the electorate, there may be a backlash. While I believe in the ability of most every person in our country to understand and thoughtfully participate in our elections processes, I sadly do not believe in their wisdom to do so. That’s why people ask me for my political opinions…

But again, I am honored and flattered. Just not enough to dispense this year.