Last week I definitely met the challenge of clearing clutter (and there’s more going away this week) in my home and my heart. Even if it did take me two weeks! I think it will take a lifetime to get all the clutter out of my heart, but two active weeks is a great start.

This week in the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge, I’m going to… we’re going to…but will we?

Can I really have a pillow fight? The back rub – consider it done! Hot cider and caramel corn – we’re already in this Autumn groove.  Candle is still going… does that count for anything?
But a pillow fight? Really!?! OK. We’ll try it. We will. Maybe not tonight, but we will. We may come out with another cast or some stitches, but maybe it’ll only be a broken photo frame. My peeps take stuff like this too seriously. But yes, we will at least attempt the pillow fight. And if we’re unsuccessful, I’ll maybe score some extra points by meeting the double challenge. That I can definitely do!