Big, deep-flavored Southern meals are soul food. They often bring back memories and create new traditions upon their serving. Quick meals are also satisfying. Sometimes moreso. A quick hot ham and cheese can curb a ravenous stomach and reassure a soul that he is loved. More often than not, I really do think it is the simple things that matter most.

Simple things like hanging up a rain coat draped over a chair when returning home from a day of providing for us. Simple things like preparing his toiletry kit for a trip and remembering to add sunscreen and aloe. Simple things like

…thank you or sympathy cards sent on his behalf to his friends’ families.

…a fresh towel handed to him unsuspectingly as he steps out of the shower.

…Monday Night Football already on the TV when he gets home.

…half and half and a fresh cup sitting by the coffee maker when he wakes.

…bagging the outdoor trash and setting it to the side so his loading and carrying away is quicker.

…TRRing the shower mirror so he can see when he shaves.

…replacing the blade on his razor and reminding him there’s a new blade so he’s cautious.

…saving the jalapeno juice when the jar is empty.

…setting out his supplements.

…sending a sweet message for no reason.

…having his favorite snack mix on hand.

…telling him thank you.

…rubbing his elbow while driving.

Life really is about the simple things. The big things are great, but they are much fewer than the simple ones. I am far from perfect in my wifing. I am far from great at remembering the shower mirror, the sunscreen, the elbow all the time. Neither are they expected. They are just one more way I can show my love for Husband. Consciously choosing to do a few simple things is one more way I can feed his heart each day.