Wow. Am I happy I started the Making Your Home a Haven challenge a wee bit early. I need that extra week NOW!

I made little progress to clean up clutter in my home last week. I made a lot of progress cleaning up clutter spiritually. And well, isn’t spiritual clutter the most displeasing?

We had a full week that mostly revolved around tying up loose project ends and then Grandmama’s memorial service. I had seen most of my family only very little in many years and so the daunting task of even just doing some shopping in advance of the memorial was about all I could handle.

But you know what? We went. Not knowing what to expect and fully intending to attend the service and then turn around and hopefully make it home in time for a reasonable dinner time. We were extended an invitation to visit with others at an aunt’s house and well, it became so much more. Relationships among my counsin’s spouses were initiated. Relationships with my aunts and cousins were rekindled. I honestly cannot wait until I see them again. As in, I want to go a visiting right now.

My eyes are swelling with tears at the burden of disappointment that was lifted from me and replaced with incredible joy at the sight of my children in euphoria at the experience of playing, truly playing with their cousins. They long deeply for connections with their extended family. I cannot even find anymore words with which to share this.

I know much of what walked me through the week was my Quiet Time, most of which I did accomplish in the morning hours. The words I read, which this week were mostly from the prayerful Nehemiah, often walked me through the thoughts of anxiety passing through my brain as we prepared. I am grateful.

So this week, I will continue with the weekly challege dated October 17 and continue to declutter some troublesome areas in my home and my heart.