We have a mellow weekend ahead with only a commitment to one football game. So looking forward!  I’m still working on a post about School Boards. I just can’t quite get the wording like I want it. I’m hoping it comes together for next week. I hope you’ll check back to see.

In the meantime, here are some blogs and blog posts that enriched my week. I hope you enjoy them!

Emily in the Kitchen is a new blog written by a friend with a passion for serving her family’s hearts and their stomachs.

Habit is a blog shared with me by my sister (you know which one you are!) to which I am now possibly addicted.

I confess I’ve not been dropping by Design Sponge as frequently of late, but my econ-guru friend pointed out this project. I agree with my friend: It looks like a royal pain in the arse, but wouldn’t it be precious?

Amy at Angry Chicken shared a painting project with her children. Check out their work. It is impressive. Absolutely impressive. There’s an art supply sale coming up in November at which I plan to buy canvases. Now I know what we’ll do…

I have primarily lived from my pantry for, oh, four months now. It is so thin… Rhonda posted a solid Pantry-Building Tutorial on Raising Homemakers yesterday.

If  you’re able to watch video, take a moment to watch Courtney from Women Living Well on the Rachel Ray show. I’ll be writing about this probably next week. You’ll have already done your homework! The video is on the main page, upper left.

i Dream of Clean just called me out on what I am not doing to include my kinds in chores. See her suggestions (sane ones, I might add) here.

Since it’s starting to cool down in even my neck of the woods, Karen at the Art of Doing Stuff teaches you How to Darn a Sock here since we all know you’re inspecting items as you change out your wardrobes.

And lastly, because it is the weekend, I just wanna have fun… Really! This week I found these two blogs: Fun on a Dime and Fun Moms. I haven’t any clue how I came about discovering Fun on a Dime, but it was Courtney at Women Living Well that introduced me to Fun Moms. Both are very neat, sweet, and easy.

Have a great weekend!