Can you believe I won TWO blog giveaways recently?!? I cannot. I do not win things. I have to work hard and harder and hardest and still come out on the bottom. Know what I mean? I don’t enter every blog giveaway I see. But I do enter some. I’d like to have more here and have a few sponsors in tow, but can’t determine if it’s worth it yet… still thinking…any thoughts?

Book Review here at chicklitisnotdead


First, I won a copy of Belinda Carlisle’s autobiography Lips Unsealed from Chick Lit is Not Dead. I did! I haven’t read the book…yet. But I will, and when I do, I’ll share what I think. I have no problems sharing what I think. Chick Lit is Not Dead is a fun site for light reading recommendations in every subcategory of the chick lit genre.

Then, I won Audrey Assad’s debut CD The House You’re Building from We are THAT family. I am stoked about the CD.

Listen to Audrey HERE


Cannot wait to get it in my hands, on the iTouch and then run around the house with new music in one ear for a few days. I am not kidding. It’s been a long while since I’ve been so excited about music and I am ready for it. Bring it ON! You can visit the link above and hear excerpts of her songs through iTunes. You will not be disappointed. Check out We are THAT Family, too. The most recent post is a TRIP!

And visit blogs even AFTER you sign up for a giveaway… They like to know you want them for more than their freebies.