We listen to music around our home often. And when we’re lucky, Husband plays music for us. But mostly it’s XM radio. Everyone’s favorite channel is XMKids which has a new name now but I cannot remember what it is. I don’t remember much, do I? Mind sum zero. It’s an interesting concept. Anyways, I digress…

We often have the radio on while we are working on lessons. When an especially fun singalong song like “Cartoon Song” or “Campfire Song Song” starts playing it is not unusual that we’ll all just start singing aloud and end up laughing at one another for silly faces or made up lyrics. Ah… good times. Good times.

Music is a very important part of our life together South of the Fork. So, when the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge this week was in regards to music, I was excited! This would be like a week off… Kind of. I did learn something about our family.

First I learned that thankfully due to “calm” music, aka classical music, that has been played in our home from the birth of eldest, all of the children find classical calming. Especially symphony pieces. I am not a music aficionado. But I do enjoy classical. We do sometimes play classical in lieu of XMKids. This week we at least started out with it each time we turned on the radio.
Second I learned that my family is goofy. Well, I kind of already knew that. But now I have it confirmed. And thanks to the Challenge, I have now learned to give thanks for our goofiness. And as one of the kids said, I don’t remember which one, “The best part about our family is that we can laugh at ourselves.”  And indeed we do. Often.

This upcoming week’s challenge will be my greatest, I think… The candle has been wonderful. I think it is a lifetime activity now. The music brought wonderful new knowledge about ourselves. It won’t be hard to rid clutter. I can toss things out faster than I can consider if I should throw them out or not. My challenge will be having the clutter of our lessonwork put away before I make dinner. Entering the evening free of that burden would be a blessing.