I am a Stay-At-Home-Mom. Hear me ROAR…up the driveway and out into the world.

Yep… We are not HOME all that much. Funny, that. I’ve heard some homeschoolers call themselves “carschoolers.”

I wish I were home more. I do what I can to keep us home, but some days are like yesterday.

Up and out to help move vehicles around town

Visit with a sweet friend for her birthday (she requested to stay home all day!).

Orthodontic consultation.

Lunch with Daddy.

Home for a couple of hours including some tutoring I was doing.

Off to soccer, then football.

Then home.

That’s just how it is some days. Many days, though, I am able to keep our rhythm so that when we go out, we go out only once and fairly briefly. That’s my best money-saving, fuel-minimizing, mind-rescuing advice. I do my best to make a BIG circle with my errands rather than back and forth zig zagging over my own tracks.

I try to combine errands such that when I head out, I make one big circle. If that means hitting the grocery before my main event, I pack a cooler. If it means being out during lunch (or another meal/snack time), I pack a cooler with meals and/or snacks. I always plan to take water for the kids and for me. We take a break in the errands if we expect to be out for a while. If there is a park or a store along our route where we can get out and stretch our legs, we do! As I often hear and read, a little planning goes a long way.

And in the planning… I do my best to think at least a week at a time (my white board helps me tremendously with this). Can the dentist and grocery and fabric shop all be combined into one day even if they’re not always done on the same day? Even if it will make for a ridiculously long day? Again, a little planning, even the morning of or the night before, goes a long way. And the reward is more time at home with my family.

Today, because we’re primarily done with running, the girls have built a tent city on the deck and are playing in the Autumn sun and breezes. Our lesson for today is to breathe…and enjoy life.

(And remember to empty the porta-potty.)