I was driving home from a dental appointment yesterday, by myself, and turned the radio to Fox News Channel only to hear the following without any prior awareness:

‘If a baby’s going to be born severely disabled or totally unwanted, surely an abortion is the act of a loving mother.’
She added: ‘If I were the mother of a suffering child – I mean a deeply suffering child – I would be the first to want to put a pillow over its face… If it was a child I really loved, who was in agony, I think any good mother would.’

(You can see Glenn Beck’s reporting of the account here.)

Now, I am going to share my honest opinion here. I do not know Virginia Ironside. I took a quick visit to her website’s “About Me” section. She mentions no children. It does appear she was married at least once to Christopher someone from a wikipedia search but no mention of any children. She does mention on her website her “long bouts of depression” that led her to applying for an agony aunt position.

How does a woman, who is at least 60, has no children but at least one dead husband (he died after their divorce from what I can tell) and “long bouts of depression” that directed her to her current career even begin to offer direction for “any good mother?” Seriously? How can I take you seriously?

Now, if Ms. Ironside wants to murder children of her own, have at it. I mean that. She will have to deal with that with her Maker and the government under which she is subject. But she has the same free will I have. But how can she possibly (or responsibly?!?) direct other “good mothers” who might also be suffering depression (Susan Smith, Andrea Yates, yada yada) to murder their children because they are “suffering?”

Suffering is a big word. A child can be suffering because of an illness. A child can be suffering because of an injury. A child can be suffering because of neglect. A child can be suffering because of a depressed mother. None of these warrant Ms. Ironside’s advice. None. But if she chooses to do so with her own children, she is welcome to do so. She has free will.
And she has used hers very irresponsibly.