See that tiny little candle on the stove top? That’s my candle. I met the first goal of the Women Living Well Making Your Home a Haven Fall Challenge. Yes, I was a bit eager. The first challenge actually begins today, but I liked the first goal SO much that I jumped on it! And, I didn’t buy anything. I just walked around my house knowing I must have a candle somewhere. And I did. Beside the tub was this small amber hurricane and it already had a candle in it!

I picked that puppy up and promptly relocated it to the kitchen, which is the busiest place in this home. I keep leftovers from breakfast for the kids (see the waffles) here. I heat water in the teapot several times a day (see my worn out tea pot?). We pass by this spot probably hundreds of times a day. And most of those times now, when I see the flicker of the candle, I say a quick prayer of peace for my home, a verse I am memorizing, or a loving thought of the person currently wracking my nerves. The children are in on this, too. Although, the youngest two think it’s a game to try and blow it out. Another good reason for having it on the range. It’s hard to get to.
So I went through a votive, then a tea light. And so Saturday, I ran into Justice (don’t hate me as much as I despise that store) to pick up a quick gift for a sleepover and then I walked across the parking plaza to the Yankee Candle store. I could not bring myself to buy a big candle. $25 is an absurd amount, in my opinion, for the “small” jars. But I did settle on a votive. I bought an “Autumn Leaves” votive for the kitchen. And some kind of sea-smell for our bedroom. I don’t have anything to put the bedroom one in, but I will. And when I find something here for it, in it will go. And each time I pass it (because our bedroom seems to be the second most popular place for the entire family) I will pray for peace in our relationships, too.

Now… I have to go and study for next week’s challenge. Are you up for it? Please share if you are a reader of mine and participating in the challenge. Share your blog and/or comments here and at Women Living Well.